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Craps History

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Craps Overview

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www Craps Site & why a Craps Player will Like it!

So you found this craps related website! If you like to play craps that there is a bit of everything and hope you learn something about the game of craps while browsing the site. The purpose is constantly evolving, things changing but one thing remains the same. We want our readers to Learn the fundamental rules about how to play online at a virtual craps table like you would in Las vegas, but for free!

Looking to play craps but want a craps betting system or strategy? Well, we have outined some strategies for this great internet gambling game and feel free to take your time reading all the articles too.

In learning the rules and doing some practice at the online casinos by downloading their software, you will soon realise that betting at the table is not at all that complicated. Let us point out that the casinos featured on this site have been tested and will meet & exceed your expectations. Just click on any of the banenr to visit the site and download their casino craps software - YES, it is free of charge and excellent quality.

You can soon be winning as you play craps online but you would need to definetly practice placing those bets to become a crapshoot. Our site can act as a guide when playing the dice game for free or money play.

Some crapsplayers make a living of playing craps offine and online, with some being high rollers or as others might call them a "whale". As a gambler or not, we are sure you will enjoy the tutorials listed on our craps site. The english is the up to date part of the site, while the other languages have not evolved to the same extent but content is definetly available in multiple languages.

Play craps online for money

Where To Play Craps Game Online For Real Money?

You can play craps online for real money gambling and you could also play for free and fun! The best software to play craps on is Microgaming. You can learn to play the game in practice mode before making a deposit at the casino.

Microgaming Casino: Wildjack Casino

At you can play craps and as a casino craps players you will experience a great gaming environment. The casino has been online for many years (1999), part of the Jackpot Factory Group and has a solid track record amongst thousands of players globally. This casino has class in my opinion and have over 320 games to pick from on a Viper edition microgaming software.

Flash Craps Game


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What is a Crapshoot, Craps Shoot or Crap Shooting?

Some can say that if you are Hitting consistent money at Craps then you are a crapshoot! You may also hear the phrase "It's a crap shoot" and it is refering to the chances of success of a given activity or venture. It says the end result is out of one's hands, that it's left up to chance, and that the odds are probably slightly against you. You should not be discouraged because people do win and they can win a lot of money. As many will tell you and you will soon find out, bet wisely and bet what you can afford. Furthermore, always bet on the Pass Line as your odds of winning at craps are the greatest! Go play craps :)

Internet Craps is a Game of Chance

I play craps and i dont think it is a game of chance. Games of chance involving "dice" have been around since the dawn of civilization. It has been traced back and shown that the earliest dice were probably shaped from animal bone or carved from hardwoods.. We know that Roman soldiers tossed pig knuckles onto their shields more than two thousand years ago in a game some called "bones".

Yet you may still be wondering, "were did Craps come from?" - and also perhaps thinking and wondering just "how did it get that name?"

The answer is certainly open to debate, but here is one view of what was to what became a classic casino game today.

It all began when the Arabs adopted the Legionnaire's pastime of "throwing the bones" (tossing dice) when they expanded into former Roman provinces. The small numbered cubes came to be called y called "azzahr". Later in the MiddleAges when trade began with the Europeans, the game of dice travelled accross the mediteranean and the French had named it "hasard" or "hasar".

Later, during the 13th and 14th Centuries, in the period of wars between the French and British, the british knights returned to England bringing the game with them and calling it "Hazard" Note the Z instead of the S. But that is due to it meaning "take a chance or to put at risk"

The British began to play the game brought to England by the knights, and called the lowest role "Crabs". Yet another war came along and the French picked up on the game from their prisoners. The French then went along and called the game "Crabes"

We proceed to the 18th Century and the French migrated and took the game to the Canadian Wilderness. Some ended up in Loisiana and by the turn of the century a "new" and simplified version of Hazard became known as "Creps" Note that this is the Cajun spelling of Crabes, mentioned earlier.

The Cajuns travelled the Mississippi with riverboats and the dice game was once again introduced to the english speakers, more specifically the Americans that quickly adopted the game and changed the name once more to what we today know it as "Craps"

Play craps online for money

Online Casino Craps Grew in Popularity

Casino Craps grew in popularity across the US as Americans spread out. The Craps Dice game was to be found at every saloon and casino. the next big thing to hit was when people no longer needed to worry about imperfectly manufactured dice as the issue was solved by players being given the opportunity to bet for or against the roller! - guides you to playing online craps and has many betting systems listed.

Craps continued to grow in popularity and different betting options were introduced to the game, such as Come Bets, Horn Bets, and Hardway Bets. By adding various defferent bets the players were given more possibilities to win while playing.

It is today, without a doubt the most popular casino game in any casino in any country around the world. It is not just played by men! Craps is game that is very popular amongst women gamblers too. Perhaps its the fact that you can bet against or with the shooter and sense of participation that makes it all a great casino game to play.

But why the Popularity of Casino Table Game - Online Craps?

Well, for one the game does offer players a chance to participate at a level much greater than the rest of the casino games. For example, in blackjack the dealer deals the cards and turns the cards where as in Craps you hold the dice and toss them and along with it a sense of control and power! You simply have to play the game of craps to understand what the fuss is all about. But be warned that once you taste and get a feel for it you will not be going back to the other table games.... If you like craps, play craps at the recomeneded casino!

Craps tables are easy to spot on the casino floor - they're the ones where large crowds have gathered round to watch the thrilling action in fascination. Video poker and slot machines in the surroundings is were you may tend to find yourself as you may at some point walked past a Craps table but as to many other, the table felt, numbers and labels simply made no sense.

Yet, while playing other casino games such as Video poker, Slotmachine or another casino table game that seem much easier to master you hear the silent crowd at the craps table suddenly roar as a collective number have won you too cant resist to want to be part of the action at the casino craps table. You may be like many other in the fact that you are intimidated by the game of craps but usually the reason is lack of understaning of play rules and also how to play. The good news is that you CAN be part of the action as the basic idea, rules and cocepts to play craps are fairly easy to learn as we will show you on this site.

Play craps online for money

Play Flash Based Online Casino Craps Game in Fun Mode

If you are a craps player who tends to play craps & gamble online at different Internet casinos or if you are a new craps player looking for an online casino to gamble at.... We at make it easy for you to pick a casino craps site to play at! The sites we recomend are highly accepted and trusted by the online gambling community for their fast payouts, support, player experience and much more!

Support us in providing more information abut the game by downloading the software from the sites we promote!


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