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Casino Craps - Come Bet

Online Casino Gambling Craps Table Layout - Pass Line Bets

What is a Come Bet?

Come Bets can be placed once the point has been established and the come bet is similar to the pass line bet. When placing a come bet you will win if the next roll is a natural seven (7) or eleven (11) You will however lose if it is a two (2), three (3) or a twelve (12) = Craps. Should the dice roll be a four (4), five (5), six (6), eight (8), nine (9) or a ten (10) then the roll becomes the compe point.

For come points there is no puck so the Come bet is moved from the Come bar to the box corresponding to the Come Point. Thereafter, the Come bet wins if the Come Point is rolled before a 7, and loses if a 7 is rolled before the Come Point. Winning bet pays 1:1.

Once committed to a Come Point, the Come Bet will stay in place until the Come Point or a 7 is rolled. Unresolved Come Bets may not be removed or modified - they must be resolved by a roll of the Come Point or a 7. Thus, a Come Bet will persist after the end of a round if the round is concluded by a roll of the Point (when the Point is a different number than the Come Point). If the round is concluded by a 7, all Come Bets lose.

During a round of Craps, you can make as many Come bets as you like. Note that when you place a Come bet and the next roll matches an existing Come Point, the pre-existing Come bet is resolved as a win, and the new Come bet is moved up to take its place in the Come Point box.

What is the House Edge for Come Bet?

The casino house edge for come bets is at 1.41% and it is the same as the pass line bets. It is one of the best bets to play in the game of online and offline craps! Keep that in mind next time you find yourself playing a game of casino craps.

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