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Casino Craps - Overview of the Game

What is Casino Craps All about?

Craps is the antithesis of most casino games; it's the fastest table game of all, it's loud and high emotions are encouraged. Most of all though, craps is very openly a game of luck, and has no qualms about it.

A Typical Online & Offline Casino Craps Table Layout

Online Casino Gambling Craps Table Layout

So, this is the typical layout of a craps table... scared? Don't be! Looking at the table as many other have they get the feeling of .... man this is just too #$@%^ complex... and walk off away to another casino game that offers less involvement still confused about what they had seen.

The craps table is unique amongst the online casino tables. The standard sized craps table will provide for approximately 20 standers and is manned by a 4 man casino team consisting of a boxman, two dealers and a stickman, which you find out more about as you read on down the page. The table itself is a sunken oblong in shape, and most modern tables have a mirrored lay out. Areas are laid out for all the 40 or so various possible bets in order that chips may be laid on them

The reality is that playing craps, learning the rules of craps is fairly simple and you need only be able to count to 12! It is without a doubt one of the funnest games to play at the casinos and we hope we can motivate you to give it a go. Dont give up by looking at the table layout, give it a try and indulge in this FUN game.

Take a look .. a close look at the what seems to be a complicated layout. You will notice that the table is a mirror of the first half. This has been done as to allow for the greatest possible number of gamblers at the table.

There are several different types of bets that can be played such as outlined on the table layout: Pass Line Bets, Don't Pass Line Bet, The come Bets, The Don't come bets, Field Bets, Big 6 & 8, and several others. Other bets would require interaction with the dealer in order to place the bets. When playing you would pick and place your chips in the appropriate field.

We believe that PRACTICE gets you the fastest results! Ssimply reading will prepare you for the Craps game but for the best results just like in any other scenario, practicing via fun gambling online you can test what you have learned before playing for money at a casino, online or offline. You do not need to get any special skills as the game requires non. Simply practice and get a hang of the rules and you will be playing the game before you know it.


Who is Responsible at a Craps Table in the Casino

So you are in a casino and walk by the craps table and you look around. You will see 4 important persons that are needed to run the game of craps.

You will see Two (2) Dealers and they deal with the money such as placing, collecting and paying off the winners. They are located to each side of the Boxman

You will see One (1) Boxman that is in the center of the table and is responsible for watching everything that is going on, even the craps dealers and has final ruling when a dispute arises. In other word he is the big boss.

You will see One (1) Stickman, yes! He is responsible for the dice being used. After the dice have been rolled, he will use his curved stick to retrieve the dice and hold onto them untill all bets have been settled and new bets placed. He then uses his stick to move the dice over to the shooter. It is very much the stickman who controls the pace of the action at the craps Table.

Who Plays at the Table... The shooter?

Yes, it is The Shooter that will roll out the dice and then another. After one person has rolled out the dice, the person counter clock wise would be up next. The stickman will offer a shooter five dice to pick two out off and use them to roll. The very first roll is called a Come Out The dice are rolled and must hit and bounce off the other end of the table. During this phase, most bets on the table are inactive and what everyone wil lbe betting on is the "Pass Line" or "Don't Pass Line". The shooter rolls until they get a "crap out" in other words they manage to roll a seven (7). At that point the dice are handed over to the person in the clockwise direction.

What is The Shooter Aiming for During the Come Out Roll?

In Craps, a shooter throws a pair of dice to establish a Point "Winning Point" and bets are made as to whether the shooter can repeat the Point before a 7 is rolled. The main number when playing craps is SEVEN (7). When playing the game the focus is on weither a 7 will be rolled out or not. The shooter will be aiming to stay a shooter for as long as possibe before loosing via a "crap out" = Rolling a 7. Shooting is not required when playing craps and as a player, you have the option to pass and let the next person in line be the shooter.

What Happens When a Winning Point is Established?

What will happen is that the two dealers at the craps table will mark that point. They do that by flipping a round black marker and laying it woth the white side up on the number "The Point" infront of them.

What is a Round?

A round is a series of throws that are needed to establish and repeat the Point .. "winning point"

I'm Confused ...... More about What is a Come Out Roll?

Every game of casino craps starts with what we call a Come Out Roll. It is the initial roll in which the shooter attempts to establish the point as mentioned above :). The rolled dice can make a sum of a range between 2 ( ) to 12 ( ). However, only the totals of four (4), five (5), six (6), eight (8), nine (9) or ten (10) can be The Point.

Totals of 2 (snake eyes), 3 (cross eyes) and 12 (box cars) are called craps, but a total of 7 or 11 is called a natural.

Should you happen to roll out a 2, 3, 12, 7 or 11 the round will end. While a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 will establih a "point" and keep the round open and running.

A Point has Been Established..... MidGame is next!

When Point is established, it is time to proceed to the midgame part of the round. In this round the shooter continues to throw the dice. The round will come to an end if the if the established point is rolled again or a total of seven (7) is rolled.

There are no limits on the number of thros that can take place between the ComeOut roll and the end of a round.

What if a Seven (7) is Rolled before the Point?

Not a problem, when that happens, the shooter "Sevens Out" and the dice are given by the stickman to the next person in turn for the start of the coming round.

But if the shooter rolls the point, the person can decide to continue rolling for the next round. If a 2, 3, or a 12 is rolled on the come out roll the shooter "Craps Out" and the dice are handed to the next person in line. If the shooter rolls a natural (7 or 11) on a come out roll, the shooter will be allowed to throw the dice again on another come out roll.

What Kind of Craps Bets are can be Played?

Let me tell you, the variability in the type of bets that can be placed when playing craps make it all the more fun to play. Some bets can be made on each throw, some are bets placed agains a specific outcome while some are conditional and others can stay on the craps table for the entire round played!

As a beginner you may still be confused and so the best bet to place when starting to play craps is a "Pass Line" bet on the Come Out Roll. What this means is that if a seven (7) or an eleven (11) is rolled by the shooter you are an immediate winner! if a Winning Point is established then the pass line bet is valid but only if the point is rolled again before the 7. You may then moving on to the more complicated craps bets once he has become more familiar with the casino game and the house advantages.
























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