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Casino Craps Strategies - Knowing How to Throw the Dice

What are the Dice Throwing Rules?

You should know the throwing rules because they are the basic requirements for a craps game and they too are regulated by the stickman and should be followed to avoid a void dice throw. So, before you throw the dice read the following:

  • The dealer will hand you five dice and you pick two
  • You should only handle the dice with one hand and not use both hands.
  • You will need to throw the dice with such force that they, well at least one, will bounce of the wall at the end of the felt at the end of the table.
  • Don't try anything fancy, just throw the dice in the direction you are facing.
  • The dealers want the game to progress and not slow down. You may think you can magically control the out come of the dice throw and set the dice. If you slow the game you may be forbidden to play.
  • All the dice throwing rules apply to offline casinos, when playing online craps you need not be concerned about the dice throwing rules.

How to Throw the Dice in Craps?

It is believed that how one holds the dice, twists the wrist, and applies pressure may affect the outcome of the throw, and one can learn how to manipulate the dice in these ways. Casinos counter the possibility of this by the insistence that the dice must hit the far wall; and clearly in online casinos this is an irrelevant means of effecting ones wins.

Can the Craps Dice be Controlled?

Yes and No. Well in the sense that some player at the casino will intentionally control the dice while other do it unintentionally.

Unintentional dice control is the event in which a player may roll the dice in a way hat may seem systematic and not a natural throw. It seems to work as they are oftn refered to as the strange beginners luck when playing for the first few times at the casino. So perhaps craps should only be played a few times :)

Then there is the intentioanal dice control that requires lots of practice to master but once you do master dice control you may find that it will be very rewarding at the land based casinos as online casinos is a different story all together. when tthrowing the dice, it is done in such a manner that involved the proper grip and a toss in a particular angle resulting in a roll of the same order and give you an advantage over the odds of the game. you may want to practice the throw before heading to vegas or Macau to gamble

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