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Casino Craps Strategies - Martingale System

What is the MartinGale Craps Strategy?

The Martingale System is used in a number of chance games and is based on the assumption that a winning streak is just around the corner.

The Martingale System can be applied to even money bets only, and involves betting on the same outcome each time. The Martingale System dictates that every bet that is lost must be re-laid at double the stake.

A pass line bet of $5 that is lost, must be followed by a $10 pass line bet, if this is lost a $20 pass line bet must be laid. Mathematically this is a flawless system so long as a table maximum is not reached before a win is made; for example on the $20 bet as listed above the $5 and $10 lost bets are recouped by the $20 won in the even money pass line win. Although it is mathematically correct, this system is neither exciting nor a large earner.






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