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Casino Craps Strategies Overview

Which is the Best Craps Game Strategy?

It is vital to always remember that craps is not a game of skill, it is completely chance, therefore the only types of system that will affect a player's success is his betting strategy and his approach to the game.

The Martingale System and the Scarne's Betting system are one of the few actually trustworthy craps betting systems in existence; the Classic Regression system is an example of a betting system that increases your chances of winning but is by no means a definitive answer to winning at craps; and Dice Manipulation is both difficult to do, and difficult to get away with in a casino. The truly best strategy for craps is good money management and a sensible approach to the table; know your limits, the maximum that you are prepared to loose and the ideal walk away win. Self control, and knowing when to walk away from the table is key in craps, as is remembering that the dice have no memory; each throw is an independent event.





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