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Don't Come Craps Bet - Learn the Bet


Online Casino Gambling Craps Table Layout - Pass Line Bets

What is a Don't Come Bet?

A Don't Come bets can be placed once the Point has been established in the craps game. The Don't Come bet is similar to the Don't Pass bets and the reverse of Come bets. Looking at the felt above you will see a place named "Don't come bar" this is were you would place your wager.

If you recall.... the come bet is based on a wager that the throw will be repeated before a seven is rolled by the craps shooter. In this case.. in Don't come bet, the wager is that the seven will be rolled first.

You can lay odds on the don’t come bets after advancment to numbers. Those bets will win if a seven (7) rolls before the number.

One thing tha tis easy to be forgoten but you should not is that the come bets and don’t come bets remain active during a come out roll. Unlike Come Bets they may be removed or modified prior to being resolved. If the shooter throws a 2 or 3 then you win even money. If the winnings are not picked up at then end of the bet, then they are added to the next bet.

As with the Don't Pass bet , 12 is a standoff, and you can decide to cancel the bet if you so choose.

A throw of seven (7) or eleven (11) and you lose

If a Come Point is established by rolling a four (4), five (5), six (6), eight (8), nine (9), ten (10), the Don't Come bet is moved to the top box corresponding to the Come Point number. From then on, the Don't Come bet wins if a 7 is rolled before the Come Point, and loses if the Come Point is rolled.

What is th House Edge for the Don't Come Bet?

The casino house edge in this bet is the same as for the Don't pass bet which is 1.4%. When betting at the craps table you will be betting against the shooter and so in most cases people are betting with the shooter.... yes, that's right you will be betting against the crowd and the shooter. How nice of you!

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