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Casino Craps - Pass Line Bets

What is a Line Bet?

There are two different types of line bets. One is refered to as a Pass line bet which we will cover on this page and there is also a bet called Don't Pass Line Bet. Those two bets are made only before the come out roll and not after.

Online Casino Gambling Craps Table Layout - Pass Line Bets

What is a Pass Line Bet?

A Pass Line Bet is also known as the Front Line. It can only be placed for the come out roll. As a new comer you will know when yo place the bet as the dealer will announce "Place your bets for the Come Out roll." thus letting everyone know that they can make a Pass Line bet. By placing a Pass Line bet your are wagering that the shooter will roll the Point before a 7.

A Pass Line Bet wins during the come out roll on seven (7) and eleven (11); loses on Two (2), Three (3), or Twelve (12).

On a come out roll of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 a point number is established, the pass line wins if the point number rolls again before a 7. Loss occurs when the 7 rolls before the point number repeats. Bets on the pass line cannot be removed once a point number is established.

When a point is established a puck is placed over the corresponding number to indicate that a point has been established. Winning bets pay 1-to-1.

Pass Line bets that are unresolved can not be changed or removed until the end of the round. Once the Point is established, only another roll of the Point or a roll of 7 can end the round.

You will know the round has ended when the puck is moved away from the number and back to the corner. Following this is the next Come Out roll.

This is perhaps one of the smartest casino bets a player can and should make.The house pays this bet off at even money one-to-one, and enjoys a favorable edge of 1.414 percent, or about 14 cents on a $10 wager. But like most people we are drawn to bigger odds but in doing so we are also fighting the even greater house advantage. Unlike many other bets that can be placed when playing craps, the pass line bet on a come out roll only wins even money because the odds are so good.

Pass Line Bets House Edge Percentage %

Below are the pass line house edge and it is the same for come bets.

Pass Line No Odds 1.41%
Pass Line Single Odds 0.85%
Pass Line Double Odds 0.61%
Pass Line Tripple Odds 0.47%


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